bedroom news

Fun news! I think I have finally decided on what bed we're going to buy! I've been going back and forth and back again on what I really want. I've looked at wood and metal, upholstered, canopy ... you name it and I've looked at it! As of today, I have made up my mind. Mind you, this could possibly maybe change between now and when I actually order it, but I'm about 99% positive right now.

Here's the fun part. I'm going to show you a few options, and if you're game, try to guess which one I've decided on. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think so. I love it when other people guess things about me. Or my bedroom. But keep your bedroom guesses to the actual beds this time, pleaseandthankyou. Here goes:

{all images from Pottery Barn}

Well, there you have it.  Guess away. There are six. The funny thing is that I could definitely choose any one of these beds ... or even bedrooms ... but there is one in particular that I am pretty smitten with. Oh, and if you need to catch up with the bedroom drama transformation, you can start here, then read this, this sorta counts, check here, oh and this one too. Man, apparently I have been doing a lot of pillow talk. I'm already so ready to be done with this!  

What I Wore

Preamble: I've really enjoyed the What I Wore posts that Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy started. I liked them for four whole weeks now and so I promised her that I'd finally link up with my own post. And now I realize what a pain it is to remember to photograph myself every day ... how hard it is to remember what I did throughout the week ... and also how amazingly dirty this hallway mirror is. You'll see what I mean. Also, I think I started a day early. Now on to the goods. 

tuesday: errands and date night
green cardi: loft
aqua shirt: kohls
jeans: loft
brown wedges: target

wednesday: chores and a trip to the pool
jeweled shirt: jcpenny
tank: new york and co
jeans: loft
i don't remember what shoes i put on. 

thursday: errands and fun with friends (dinner and shopping)
white beaded cardi: target
pink dress: loft
floral shoes: target
charm bracelet: james avery

friday: hubband off, so lunch with fam at le madeline and park hopping
grey tee: old navy
purple shirt: target
jeans: loft
chucks: academy

friday night: dinner and a movie
cream cardi: loft
baby blue tank: old navy
dress: old navy
toms: online

i know i took pics on saturday and sunday, but they've disappeared. i wore a dress from target to church and i don't actually remember saturday. oh well. 

monday: holo for party supplies, bsf, then starbucks with the girls
silver earrings: ???
black beaded flower pin: new york and co circa 2002
white tee: target
super cool black shirt you can't see because i wanted to show off my boots: homegoods
skinny jeans: new york and co
fun grey "rockstar" boots my friend convinced me to buy: dsw
(when i wear them i really do feel like a rockstar. but in this picture i look like a giant nerd.)

tuesday: fun at home and a trip to the pool
tee: jcpenny
jeans: loft
i did wear some flipflops from dsw to the pool and back

wednesday: cleaning out the baby's toys and drawers, taco bell, reba's house. 
black tee: target
green shirt: kohls
jeans: old navy divas
green bracelet: kenya
bottle cap necklace: fredericksburg trip with the girls
cute gold flats you can't see: target

i'd also like to mention that i felt really weird taking pics where you couldn't see my face, and equally weird taking ones where you could. i will be cleaning that mirror first thing in the morning and working on the lighting situation as well. i don't really know if i'll be posting this again, but it was a good experiment for sure. 

love a good themed party

I love a good party. Ok scratch that. I love to throw a good party. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't posted this sooner, but deal with it, ok? We can still be friends even if I'm a little slow, right? My friend had a baby. Well, at the time, she hadn't had the baby yet. But we did have a party. A little birdy themed party. It was so fun to host a party for such a fun friend ... with my other fun friends. Who doesn't love a fun party with fun friends? ... ... Exactly. That's what I thought.

This is the guest of honor, Ainsley Jane, who ended up being early and ten pounds. She's a fun little chunk who is going to be my daughter in law one day-- that is, if my son would stop stealing her pacifier all the dang time. He doesn't know that's not very gentlemanly. We're working on it. 

When having a party with a theme, you want to include as many elements of the theme in as many places as possible. They don't have to all be large and in your face, but even quiet touches really link things together. We stuck with all things bird: birds, branches, nests, eggs, bird houses and bird cages. We also used the same color palette of turquoise, white, tan, and pink to keep things unified. The best place to start is with the invitation. If you're having a bird themed party, there should be some reference to that on the invite. Recently we had a Mad Hatter's Tea (post to come!) and the invite looked like the hat and actually said "Mad Hatter's Tea" which is helpful for guests. 

Even the favors were linked to the theme. I kept baby food jars for months, washed them, painted the lids in one of our colors, and made a nest inside with jordan almonds (large eggs), or pink or turquoise jelly beans (small eggs) and tied them with twine. These were a ridiculously huge hit. I was surprised. They were also great because I could send them home with people to their children and they didn't get smooshed or broken like cupcakes or cookies. 

We actually held the shower in a local cafe. I generally prefer using a  home, and for reasons I cannot even remember, that was not going to happen with this bunch. It did make for a lovely change of pace with several intimate little tables. Again, the theme is everywhere. Each table had a birdhouse crafted to match the nursery as well as a table cloth that was actually a receiving blanket in the coordinating colors. These are great ideas because the expenses are also part of the gift. Mommy received seven birdhouses for the nursery wall and seven receiving blankets (after I took them back home, washed and ironed them again). Each place setting also had the nest favor and some roses cut from my freshly landscaped yard

I think it's important to spread your decor around a bit, so you'll notice behind the massive amount of gifts more birdcages, super fun turquoise branches (that ended up free, instead of $7.98 a stem!), an owl chair (kinda hiding behind the presents on the right) and the baby's name on branchy balls orbs across the front of the table.

I realize that's a lot of info hidden in the text and fun pictures, so here's a handy dandy list:

How To Have a Great Theme Party
1. Pick a theme -- or even a color scheme. We've recently had a Mad Hatter's Tea (post to come) and are currently planning  a Cowboy themed party for an 80 year old. Yep you read that right. A beautiful shower was held for me simply by using a lovely color scheme of green, black and white.
2. Use that theme throughout. If you're having a ducky shower, have ducks on the invites, duck cookies, or a duck cake. Add yellow (or whatever color) to your drinks -- lemonade, lemon sherbet punch (who doesn't love that punch?). Put it front and center with your table coverings, centerpieces, etc. If the theme calls for it, dress in the theme as well. I'm not saying full out costumes, but if you have an "April Showers Bring May Flowers" then march yourself to Target and get some cute rainboots to wear and have some umbrellas out. Wear a flower pin on your shirt, in your hair, or everywhere.
3. If at all possible, make the venue appeal to the theme. Make sure your decor reaches above the table. We had birdcages on walls. At the cowboy party you better believe there will be balloons wearing cowboy hats. If having the party at your home, sneak a bit of the decor into the powder room the attendants will be using.
4. Let your guests know. Themes are so much more fun when everyone is in on it. Things can still be a surprise for the guest of honor (that's the way I like to roll) and people are usually great about playing along. You could even have a little something extra for guests who miss the memo (there's almost always at least one, so have an extra flower, bandana, or tea hat available).
5. Go a tiny bit overboard. I know I'm losing some of you now, but it's so much fun. Just admit it. Just do one overboard thing, not all of them.
6. Have fun. It's still a party, and don't forget that parties are meant for fun. : )

I'm linking with Teach Me Tuesday at Hope Studios, and at DIY Day with Kimba at A Soft Place To Land. 

winner winner ... hey, that's me!

A great while back, sweet Danielle from Life on Dahlia Lane nominated Domestic Indecision for One Lovely Blog Award and Krista of The Gathering Place Design awarded me a Beautiful Blogger. 

I really appreciate these awards and these ladies. Their blogs are inspirational and often get my brain working to start new projects. Life on Dahlia Lane has lots of tasty recipes as well as a cute little puppy that I'm always staring at  some super cute projects that you are definitely going to want to check out.  The Gathering Place Design is chock full of projects for your home, as well as two precious little girls and my admitted drug of choice: bargain shopping. 

Now for the torch passing: There are so many blogs out there that I just can't get enough of ... but I'm going to select a couple that really get me going. I love to read Older and Wisor because we share a love for Potbelly cookies and pole dancing jokes dry wit. I'm also constantly amazed at their house transformations and her boldness to just rip stuff out and fix stuff up. Me =  totally and completely slightly jealous. I also want to nominate my friend over at The Hoot because I love her projects and her post about Angry Pants. She just had a baby so go and tell her you want to see more posts and more pics ... as soon as she unpacks her camera. I also love me some Lemonade Makin' Mama and her honest dealings with her lemons and her ridiculous infatuation with her hubband's upper arms. Seriously girl. We should all pray to be so in love with our spouses. She's also embarking on a whole new adventure that I can't wait to read about. And my final choice today is Bless This Nest. While we've never met,  I feel like I would be right at home on Shannon's couch, cooing at her baby and talking about life together. The cuteness just oooozes out of her blog and I love that her priorities seem to be just right. 

I always like to take some time to find some other fun new blogs -- so if you're little blog is newer, newish, or just wants to make new friend, show us who you are in the comments, and consider yourself awarded, doubly so. 

Can't Sleep Blues & Announcement & Question & No, That's All.

So for Mother's Day, I got to take a nap. A really long one. On the couch. It was glorious.

country living

But then, when it was time for bed, I couldn't fall asleep. I mean, I stayed in bed for a good thirty minutes waiting... and I just knew it was not coming. So I got up, got out my trusty home notebook, and started thinking. Back on my couch, with the light from the entry, I scribbled out some new furniture plans, scratched out some other ideas that didn't seem so good or necessary any more. I'm very excited about where things are going.

country living

My hubband made an announcement the other day. He wants to get rid of our oversized giant Pottery Barn sectional. I nearly fell over. I thought we'd have that until we died. Heck, I thought when my hubband died, we'd have him cremated and stuffed in the pillows because he loves that sectional so much. But, like many love affairs with my hubband, this one is done. And I can't say that I'm not super excited about that. I've been secretly desperately dreaming for white slipcovers for a while. I have a toddler. He has sticky hands. Two of them. All the time. It's like there's a jar of sticky somewhere hiding in his room and every time I clean him up he ventures back to the sticky jar. I have dreams of easy washable, bleachable slipcovers. So. I. Am. Tickled.

ballard designs

My question is this: which sofa do I go with? Part of me thinks Ikea is the way to go because they are so very inexpensive and I can replace the slipcovers for only fifty bucks. Seriously people, why am I considering other options? Oh yeah, because I love the lines of theHollis model from Ballard Designs and I've heard good things about Rowe, too. What's your experience with quality and price and comfort and durability and everything else important with these sofas and white slipcovers. Did you wash one and it shrunk? Have you purchased a couch with your last pennies for it to only be really uncomfortable? Please share your wisdom with me. I know this next investment needs to last for a while, and we're only in the beginning of growing our family, so whatever this is needs to be hearty and tough.

life is like an order of cheese curds

Wednesday nights my hubband teaches so I get to play. Usually this means dinner with my girlfriends (and our babies) and some quick shopping. This week Kohl's, last week World Market. We've also been known to frequent HoLo and Homegoods, too. We get around. This week we ate at Culver's -- and they have "cheese curds". Think bite size cheese sticks. Cheese balls. Bites? Anyway, they call them curds. It's weird, but it makes sense. We noticed, while gobbling completely obeying Emily Post's dinner party etiquette that the cheeses were different. Not bad different, but each bite is different. One bite mozzarella, one bite cheddar. It's fun. It's a little dinner time surprise. You never know what you're going to find.

And that's kind of how life goes, too, isn't it? Some months are really good and you sell a million dollars worth of stuff with everybody's buddy, Craig. Some months you have a roof leak that turns into major renovations and a toilet in the den and four kids with the flu. 

Sometimes your favorite store has one bajillion things you want to buy and you consider drastic measures (who needs grocery money next week?) and then other times there is absolutely nothing that interests you. Once I saw something that made me laugh out loud in the store. I'm not really sure why because it's not really funny, and I know that. My hubband just thinks it's weird. 

this is my weird two-feet-tall pear

But every single time I see it sitting in the kitchen, it makes me smile and remember that everyday there are things worth smiling about

I hope and pray that you find joy in the midst of life curds. 

little lamp switcheroo

I've been working on my bedroom issues  bedroom unloveliness for some time now, and things are s l o w l y coming together. This week I did a little lamp update and thought I'd show it with you. It also happens to be the party category this week for Saturday Night Special over at Funky Junk Donna's. So here we go. 

These lamps originally had a plain white bell shade. I scored them on clearance at Linens and Things (before they crashed, although they're back online now) and I was able to use a coupon so they were practically free. I love when that happens. I used them as lamps on my faux-ffet (faux buffet) so I added the black drum shades to class them up a big. How is it that crystal lamps needed some classing up? 

To work with the look in my bedroom, I went with burlap. It's super cheap, within the color scheme, and I already had it on hand. Even if it turns out to be temporary, it's not going to kill me or break the bank. Just bust out your favorite hot glue gun and get to work. I will suggest, however, that you use the low temp glue gun because glue seeps through burlap and you will not have fingerprints left if you use the hot stuff. I'm just sayin'. 

I knew I wanted to use some fun trim that I also added to my valance panels, so I didn't worry about cutting it straight. Love when that happens, too. 

Add some ribbon from HoLo with a 40% off coupon. And it's only $1.99 regular price, so paying less than five dollars for two lamps is completely within my budget. 

So they turned out lovely.
And I promise they're not sitting in my kitchen anymore, but are happily on either side of the bed ready to see more transformation in there. In fact, they whispered when I turned them on that they'd like new nightstands to sit on. Apparently those classed up lamps have high falootin' taste.

I'm also linking up to Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch, and Kimba's DIY Day.

put some SPRING in it

I just realized this post schedule for 2-27-10 never published. So, while it's really late, I'm still publishing it now. Go on, hate me. 

During my blog hopping lately, I've noticed lots of spring -timeyness. And I like it. I'm really ready for it. Living here in Texas, we don't typically have much of a winter, and we hardly ever have one that stretches so far into February. Plus, I just feel like once Valentine's day is over, it's time to start working on Easter. And Easter says spring all over it. 

I didn't think I had much spring stuff around, and these days it's all about shopping the house. So I tried. I just collected everything and anything that could maybe-possibly-almost mean spring.  

I pulled out some whites, creams, bright fun greens, yellow, dishes, nesty things, birdies, plants, moss, flowers, etc. 

Do you love how the wood candle {that I purchased mega clearance from PB} looks like a yummy little cake on the cake plate with the fun moss? I do. Maybe that should go in the kitchen ...

Don't think you can't decorate seasonally without purchasing lots of stuff. I admit, I probably have more spring stuff than other seasons, but I'm sure you have something in your house that you can work with to make these last days of winter {fingers crossed} seem a little bit brighter.

Giveaway Winner

Eeek! It's way past Friday (and my birthday) and I still haven't announced the giveaway winner! I went out of town for the weekend and hadn't packed yet so I forgot to do this when I said I would.  No excuses. The winner is Jennifer Simpson. Jennifer, thanks for the birthday wishes -- email me your address and I'll send out your goodies.

I think I mentioned that I went out of town over the weekend. Well, I did. And it was awesome. I can't wait to show you what I purchased...but I'm going to be mean and make you wait. You see, I went to my favorite shop  and purchased several things. It's not the most I ever spent there, but it's a close second. I cannot wait to show you. There are a few little things I need to take care of first, like ripping the carpet out of our bedroom and painting the floor. Can you wait for that?

The Nester wrote a post today about living in the process. I am so glad she reminded me that living in the process means there is progress even if it's really slow. And every day, it's feeling more and more like home. Thanks Nester. I just know we'd be best buds if you lived closer.

Oh, and I'm trying to learn something new so I can show you something fun and maybe you'll want to do it too and then we can have a party. So pray that I can figure this out!

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