project romance :: part two

This is part 2 in my master bedroom revamp. You can see all about my bedroom boredom in this post here, and I'll recap just a little. The room feels happy and warm and welcoming. Those are great, but not exactly what I want in my bedroom.


I did a little sprucing earlier this year with the duvet cover and curtains from Ikea. They are cheap and they brightened things up a bit. Before the yellow and white stripes there were chocolate brown silk curtains which looked fancy, but the room just felt really dark. Cave like. Probably the way my hubband preferred it. Oh well. As long as there's a bed and it's cold, he's fine. I took these pillows from another room and rescued the fun vintage lamp from my mother's office.  I got the white quilt with a gift card and  hubband already had all the furniture.

I'm officially renaming this :: project romance. Just FYI.

Things that must stay:
-- fancy mattress
-- white wood blinds
-- carpet {it needs to be replaced, but that is way down low on the list}

Things that must go:
-- all the furniture {I have permission to sell it and get new stuff, if the costs work out right}
-- the wall colors {warm rusty red on the bed wall and a fairly deep tan on the other three}

Things that can go either way:
-- this little shelf {It will need another paint job. I know it looks bright now, but you should have seen it when I found it!}
-- this antique sewing table
-- a simple {but Queen Anne style} standing mirror from my adolescence. It also needs a paint job, but I haven't painted it since I don't know what color yet.
-- white quilt

Things I'm considering:
-- a new furniture orientation
-- new furniture!!
-- what to hang on the walls
-- just how high to hang those curtains...

I'm up for any suggestions you have, so feel free to make some.

Are there any tips you have for a bedroom overhaul on a budget?

Do you have some good places to hunt for inspiration?

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