Great news. My hubband's bachelor pad bedroom furniture sold on Craig's List -- for my asking price!

Yesterday the buyer came by to check it out ... and is coming first thing in the morning to pick it up!

Before bed tonight we cleaned out our nightstands and the dresser. He's not sure what he's going to do without a nightstand. He wants me to go and get one tomorrow. And a bed frame. Must have one of those.

You'd think after all this daydreaming about our "new" bedroom that I would know exactly what I want. But that's domestic indecision for ya!

Goodbye red furniture!!!

Oh, and I'm heading out to get my paint samples tomorrow afternoon. {And someone please remind me why I decided to do this the week of Christmas?!}


  1. Gotta love Craigslist! Hope you have tonnes of fun finalizing your new bedroom choices.
    To be honest, the stuff you sold is about 10 years more up to date than what I'm living with, but wheels turn very slowly in my house :)

  2. Ha! I decided to paint our living room three weeks before Christmas. Which sounds like no big deal for a normal person, but I am not normal. I finally finished it yesterday. Never did put up any Christmas decorations...

  3. You're doing it because Christmas means people are on vacation and listing furniture for sale - yipee! Hooray for getting rid, SELLING stuff you don't want anymore (what did we do before Craigslist?)


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