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Preamble: I've really enjoyed the What I Wore posts that Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy started. I liked them for four whole weeks now and so I promised her that I'd finally link up with my own post. And now I realize what a pain it is to remember to photograph myself every day ... how hard it is to remember what I did throughout the week ... and also how amazingly dirty this hallway mirror is. You'll see what I mean. Also, I think I started a day early. Now on to the goods. 

tuesday: errands and date night
green cardi: loft
aqua shirt: kohls
jeans: loft
brown wedges: target

wednesday: chores and a trip to the pool
jeweled shirt: jcpenny
tank: new york and co
jeans: loft
i don't remember what shoes i put on. 

thursday: errands and fun with friends (dinner and shopping)
white beaded cardi: target
pink dress: loft
floral shoes: target
charm bracelet: james avery

friday: hubband off, so lunch with fam at le madeline and park hopping
grey tee: old navy
purple shirt: target
jeans: loft
chucks: academy

friday night: dinner and a movie
cream cardi: loft
baby blue tank: old navy
dress: old navy
toms: online

i know i took pics on saturday and sunday, but they've disappeared. i wore a dress from target to church and i don't actually remember saturday. oh well. 

monday: holo for party supplies, bsf, then starbucks with the girls
silver earrings: ???
black beaded flower pin: new york and co circa 2002
white tee: target
super cool black shirt you can't see because i wanted to show off my boots: homegoods
skinny jeans: new york and co
fun grey "rockstar" boots my friend convinced me to buy: dsw
(when i wear them i really do feel like a rockstar. but in this picture i look like a giant nerd.)

tuesday: fun at home and a trip to the pool
tee: jcpenny
jeans: loft
i did wear some flipflops from dsw to the pool and back

wednesday: cleaning out the baby's toys and drawers, taco bell, reba's house. 
black tee: target
green shirt: kohls
jeans: old navy divas
green bracelet: kenya
bottle cap necklace: fredericksburg trip with the girls
cute gold flats you can't see: target

i'd also like to mention that i felt really weird taking pics where you couldn't see my face, and equally weird taking ones where you could. i will be cleaning that mirror first thing in the morning and working on the lighting situation as well. i don't really know if i'll be posting this again, but it was a good experiment for sure. 


  1. you look freakin ADORABLE in all the pics. you got great style girl and my kind of budget!!!lol

  2. Visiting from Pleated Poppy -- such cute dresses!!

  3. ok did you find yourself dressing nicer b/c you knew it would be photo'd? i would have i think-well, also b/c people do not want to see me braless and in baggy comfos every day but that is not important....i might have had to bust out my 2 cute-ish outfits i have.

  4. its official - you are adorable! thanks so much for linking up!

  5. Um...I would just like to say that it did not take much convincing for you to purchase the rock star boots. Miss ya girlie!

  6. Oh gag. I can't believe that ANYONE can own that many cute clothes. I also can't believe that you put "circa 2002" since...um...that could be used to describe my whole wardrobe. It's official: we can't be friends anymore.



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