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Fun news! I think I have finally decided on what bed we're going to buy! I've been going back and forth and back again on what I really want. I've looked at wood and metal, upholstered, canopy ... you name it and I've looked at it! As of today, I have made up my mind. Mind you, this could possibly maybe change between now and when I actually order it, but I'm about 99% positive right now.

Here's the fun part. I'm going to show you a few options, and if you're game, try to guess which one I've decided on. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think so. I love it when other people guess things about me. Or my bedroom. But keep your bedroom guesses to the actual beds this time, pleaseandthankyou. Here goes:

{all images from Pottery Barn}

Well, there you have it.  Guess away. There are six. The funny thing is that I could definitely choose any one of these beds ... or even bedrooms ... but there is one in particular that I am pretty smitten with. Oh, and if you need to catch up with the bedroom drama transformation, you can start here, then read this, this sorta counts, check here, oh and this one too. Man, apparently I have been doing a lot of pillow talk. I'm already so ready to be done with this!  


  1. My guess is bed number two, but I do like them all. Can't wait to find out what you picked.

    ; ) misty

  2. I like the canopy bed! Canopies scream romance to me!

  3. So are you ever going to post your decision? You can't leave us hanging!

  4. Was blog hopping and ran into yours! I LOVE it!!! I hope you don;t mind another follower! I really could use some new design inspiration!


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