busy week :: project romance part 3

I can't believe I'm posting this publicly, but this is what my bedroom looked like during busy week. This was two days before massive throngs of people showed up at my house for a celebration.

Did I mention that our bedroom is basically RIGHT OFF the living room? As in, that's where people always want to go and put their purses and jackets. And sneak into the other bathroom. {This is why I think it's imperative to have a half bathroom somewhere! And yet, we don't have one!}

The fun thing is that you get a preview of the new paint color. Well, it looks really white in these pictures, unless you look by the ceiling. This is only one coat of paint. Should I remind you of the before?

See? Dark dark dark. Now it's light light light.

And the bathroom is coming along, too! You won't believe the transformation!

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