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I have several paint samples on the wall. Paint in the bedroom, paint in the bathroom. Paint coming out my ears. Guess what. I can't decide. I had a clear winner, and then I saw it in different light (how does the light change so much in three days?!) and then didn't like it anymore.  So I went and purchased some Benjamin Moore paint that I saw in the PB catalog. Darn that PB. It's like crack sometimes. One day I'm going to be on the street begging people for their old catalogs, sniffing them and shooting them up. Well, not exactly shooting them up, because they are precious and I want to keep them all. But I don't. Just so you know.

no light on in dark corner -- daytime

light on -- daytime

bathroom craziness.

It started innocently enough. I'm really digging the white on white on white rooms lately. Well, not exactly that much white. Not like you're living in a bleach commercial or anything. But white on cream on ivory on faded blue and tan and I think by now you get my drift. And for the bathroom, I was thinking some smokey gray blue that was rich and deep and faded. But I also like fun. And frisky. And a little sassy. {If we're being honest. And while we're being honest, I believe those were three adjectives about me in a forward last week. Maybe I'm really self-obsessed?}

glass block makes cool shadows that I never even noticed before.

The problem is that the bathroom has a GIANT glass block window. It's great because that room is almost always full of natural light. The giant window is facing an even GIANTER mirror. {Gianter is a word.} So that room is blinding right now with those fun and frisky colors. So guess where I'm headed again today? Back to Sherwin Williams for yet another sample pot. {This makes about five trips this week.} Even though they are five bucks and some change each, I think I'd rather pay the five bucks then buy another gallon of paint. I made that mistake once before. With the gold that's in there now. It started out looking like a room full of macaroni and cheese. Which is great if you're a three year old and want to swim in mac n cheese. Not especially great for anything else.

Hopefully this afternoon I will be back with some progress!
{Remember, the big issue is a big fiesta at our house this weekend with lots of family. So everyone will be touring the house -- against my hubband's wishes -- and things need to be finished by then!}

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