bedroom boredom

Before you go all crazy thinking about things you shouldn't, that's not exactly what I meant by the title. That said, I have been bored lately by my bedroom. I bought this Ralph Lauren textured paint on a whim one day to paint just the protruding part of my pantry. I did. And I loved it. It's this fabulous rust color {adirondack maybe?} with the little black spots that look like pepper. I loved it so much, that I convinced my friend to repaint my bedroom with it while my hubband was out of town. I had different bedding then, but everybody loved it, even my hubband. {More on that story later...}

Fast forward about two years, more or less. Right before our baby arrived, I decided to do some sprucing. If I was going to be at home all day, I was going to like what I was looking at! Currently, our bedroom looks like this:

I've always disliked the furniture. Hubband purchased that before me. Boo. It's very nice furniture, it's just not my style.

I bought a new duvet cover and curtains from Ikea, as well as the two decorative pillows that were moved from elsewhere in the house. The room is bright and fun and welcoming?? Well, that's how I feel. But that's not really the feeling I want when I go in to the master. You know what I mean? I feel like the room is perfect for guests. Great! We'll just move out all the stuff into the guest --- oh wait, we don't have a guest room.

This leads me to my current dilemma. I'm willing to admit I'm probably going to need to repaint the bedroom {and coordinating bathroom, ick} but I'm having a really hard time deciding where to go now. Enter the inspiration pictures, please.

from pottery barn

the set of something's gotta give

silver, mercury glass, white enamel birds, and moss
from my own collections

I still like the idea of something bright-ish, but want the ability for more masculine and possible sexiness {can I say that on my blog?} and just a touch of glamour and sass. I'm drawing a blank on the wall color. Maybe cream, gray, perfect taupe {half gray, half tan} ... or the lightest silver-gray-blue? Perhaps the feeling of a warm and fuzzy fall ... but without all that color?

I also want to be able to keep the curtains and duvet. I know I'm asking a lot. But they are less than six months old. Would it be fun to switch them in for spring and summer and put something else up for fall and winter? I do like switching. See what I mean about dilemma? I'm saving up for a new bed. And new furniture. But I don't know if I want a black bed, an iron bed, or an upholstered headboard. And I might consider a four poster or a canopy. I am more decisive about the furniture. Oh good, I've got something going for me. What about you -- any ideas for me?


  1. I vote for grey or grey-blue. It would be a nice, crisp contrast to the yellow in your bedding, but without going to the blue-and-yellow country french place. And black or wrought iron (but not ROD iron!) would look great against that.

    You could always switch things up for fall/winter with some of your favorite black and white with the grey. And your grey ruffle pillow. That would probably be easy to find without breaking the bank.

    Then again, I voted for grey when you painted your brick and I lost...and it looks great anyway! So...for what it's worth, there's my opinion.

    Jenny the nosy neighbor

  2. I really like the color of paint in the pottery barn pic. Gray would be really fun with the yellow in your room and would go with just about anything when you decide to change things(and you know you will). I really like black furniture and think that it really adds to a room. If you need a shopping buddy I am your gal. Also I will keep an eye out for exciting ideas to email your, I said really a lot...sorry

  3. I still think you should paint the bed black. Painting parties are always fun!


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