put some SPRING in it

I just realized this post schedule for 2-27-10 never published. So, while it's really late, I'm still publishing it now. Go on, hate me. 

During my blog hopping lately, I've noticed lots of spring -timeyness. And I like it. I'm really ready for it. Living here in Texas, we don't typically have much of a winter, and we hardly ever have one that stretches so far into February. Plus, I just feel like once Valentine's day is over, it's time to start working on Easter. And Easter says spring all over it. 

I didn't think I had much spring stuff around, and these days it's all about shopping the house. So I tried. I just collected everything and anything that could maybe-possibly-almost mean spring.  

I pulled out some whites, creams, bright fun greens, yellow, dishes, nesty things, birdies, plants, moss, flowers, etc. 

Do you love how the wood candle {that I purchased mega clearance from PB} looks like a yummy little cake on the cake plate with the fun moss? I do. Maybe that should go in the kitchen ...

Don't think you can't decorate seasonally without purchasing lots of stuff. I admit, I probably have more spring stuff than other seasons, but I'm sure you have something in your house that you can work with to make these last days of winter {fingers crossed} seem a little bit brighter.

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  1. Wow! I don't have a fraction of this much "spring stuff"! Looks like a pretty good start to me. I love that candle!


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