I need your help!

I'm having a true rug dilemma. I'm to the point where I am totally ready to take the plunge and purchase a new rug for our great room/living room/den/whatever people are calling it these days. It's the room with the TV and the giant couch and all the toddler toys sprawled about. That probably paints a pretty clear picture. I hate that I ended that sentence with a preposition, but I am so crazed right now I can't think of how to reword it without sounding a bit too much like Yoda. See? I'm truly desperate.

I need to make a decision tonight because one of my choices is at HomeGoods -- and we all know that means run back and purchase it first thing in the morning, or be terribly sad because someone else realized how awesome it is and they bought it first.

I think I'd said before that I wanted something a little bit more modern. Right now I have a beautiful PB pale blue-gray rug with a kind of paisley/damask in soft tans and ivory. It's beautiful ... but it belongs in my bedroom. I want something a little more lively for the room. So here are the options I'm thinking about that I can actually afford.


The first two are the same price for an 8 x 11 -- which is so hard to believe -- and the last is a bit pricier, but not unmanageable. The first one looks funny because that's actually a picture of a 3 x 5 that sits in front of my door. I can't believe I found the same rug months apart at Home Goods. Wow. Anyway, it's made with silk and is incredibly soft and parts of it are raised and others not. The second rug is thin and from Ikea, but I keep seeing it used in other spaces and I just love it. And finally, who doesn't like the last one? I mean, really?

Keep in mind that our floors are light and our walls are a pretty warm and muddy brown, and our couch is tan. I posted a pic so you can kinda see. Ok, now vote! Comments, please! And thanks. : )

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