Spots of Spring

I realize it's already heading quickly to summer, at least here in Texas, but I wanted to share a little something you can do to add a little touch of spring.  I saw these fun things at HoLo in the outdoor/garden department. I think they are supposed to be candle holders.

I love the cement. I think that's what really says outdoorsy and spring. 

I wanted something more fun than just candles, so I opened up my little junk craft junk drawers and started looking to see what I had to work with.  I had some leaves that I previously used in a wreath, an overabundance of moss, and some blue eggs ... which are actually soap. 

Tip: Even though the eggs look really cute, and smell good, do not try to eat them. They are soap, and therefore taste like soap. Don't take my word for it. Ask my toddler. 

So I took what I had and just sorta threw it together. I made a little nest out of grass, which I know is not exactly correct, but I already had it and it looks good and I don't have time to hunt down a bird willing to teach me proper nest making skills. I have a toddler. I barely have time to shower. 

I put moss and a little candle in the other one. I want them to look like they go together, but not like identical twins. Not that I have anything against identical twins, I just don't want a pair of them sitting on my table. Sometimes they are a little creepy. Redrum anyone? Or how about those little girls in the new Ikea commercials? Less creepy ... but still ...

I think they turned out looking rather fun. Of course, I've already moved that table they are sitting on  and have moved them, too, at least twice. But they are still looking good and my makeshift nest is holding up just fine, thankyouverymuch. No bird has come to hatch my eggs, and they are out of a toddler's reach, so they are fairing pretty well, too. 

P.S. You still have a chance to enter my Birthday Giveaway -- the winner will be announced on Friday so come back to see if it is you!!!

Birthday Giveaway

Hi y'all. Guess what ...

Ok, stop guessing. I'll just tell you.

Today is my birthday. I really like to celebrate my birthday. Usually, I try to stretch it out for as long as possible. I'm nearing an age where I might not like to celebrate my birthdays as much, so I'm trying to celebrate as much now as possible. Keep reading, this is where you come in.

Because you read my silly little blog (when I remember to post) and you leave me fun and funny comments (you know who you are) I wanted to share my birthday funness with you. So I'm having a giveaway. Which is really especially fun, because I am not entirely sure what I'm giving away yet. I think it might be a small collection of my favorite things. Kinda like Oprah does ... well, maybe like she does. I've never actually watched one of those episodes so I don't really know. If I'm botching this all up, let me know so she doesn't sue me. That would be bad. Not that I probably have anything she wants, unless she also likes my favorite things.  Ooops. Rabbit trail...

Nitty Gritty:
I don't tweet, but you can certainly tweet about this.
I sometimes remember to facebook, when I have something brag-worthy, but you may certainly brag about this.
I do read all your lovely comments and so that's going to be my favorite.

All you have to do is leave a comment. Or twelve. And if you tweet or facebook or shout from your driveway, just leave me another comment telling me you twirped. Tooted. Tweeted. Whatever. Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I love the comments, so you can leave as many comments as you want and each one will get you entered again and again and again for the fun giveaway present. Unless you live in Abu Dhabi where it's going to cost me a boatload of money to ship to you. Then please don't enter a dozen times. But if I really do have a reader in Abu Dhabi, then mad props to me. And you, the Abu Dhabian.

I think that's it. Get to commenting and I'll get to packing (and photoing) my just for fun birthday giveaway. : )

spring door decor

My hubband hates wreaths. He complains about them if they are big or small or even invisible. (He told me our winter wreath was going to put someone's eye out. It didn't.) He's a tried and true wreath hater. No matter, because we still always have a wreath on our door. Not to say you should disrespect your spouse or anything, it's just that I hate the glass in our door, and he understands that, so we have a deal. I'll keep hanging wreaths and he'll keep hating them until we get a new door. Sometimes the heavens smile and things work out  because you and your hubband are dumb.

Anyway. I love me a good wreath. In the fall I love those twiggy ones and when it's spring time, I love to see those big bushy springy ones that scream "Hello Spring!" because we all want to scream that after winter cold and rain. Right?

So I went ahead and did you a favor and found some fun wreath inspiration for you. You can either go right on out and purchase these or get an eye-full and head to your craftyplace and make one of your own. Right now I still have my Easter wreath on the door (it has brown and white speckledy eggs) but I think I want something screaming spring on the door. I'm thinking reindeer moss or maybe even boxwood? Both? You'll just have to wait and see. I'm still gathering inspiration.

I love green hydrangeas. And the bits that stick out of this one.  It just looks so fresh!

I adore how full this wreath is -- just look at those lemons! 

The fun and zesty color combo had me at hello.

Nothing says spring like greens and some fresh white.

These sweet pinks and green hydrangeas look so innocent. 

I 've "arranged" for spring to hang on your door. 
Ok my bad. That was not funny.

Yes folks, Target thinks this is a wreath. 
And while the temperature does rise, there will not be one of these on my door.
But one might appear on a friend's. Because seriously, it just might be worth it.

Are there any other places you look for door inspiration? Do you hang something crazy on your door for spring? Is your Christmas wreath still up? Don't lie. You don't have to be embarrassed. I mean, you should be, but you don't have to be. I'm not really judging you. I know where you can get a nice tinsel chili pepper...

totally and completely MIA

Hi. In case you forgot, someone does from time to time write posts for this blog. That someone is me. And I've been absent. I've been dealing with some stuff lately. And not to bore you, or subject you to unwanted details into my personal life, or even submit you to unwarranted sad feelings, but I want to write about it. Just not today. I need it to be perfect. When I can finally express myself, I need it to be right. At least about this. Usually not about anything else, but this needs to be done right.

I have been working on some projects. One turned out ok and the other was terrible. And because we all like to know that people fail miserably, I will even post about that one for your enjoyment and self esteem. Because what raises our self esteem more than seeing others fail, too, right? I'm kidding.

So please please please return sometime soon to see me fail miserably and have one small success story, and read about something sorta personal. But probably not in all the same post. So come back more than once if you want to read all those things. Hope to see you soon.
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