Giveaway Winner

Eeek! It's way past Friday (and my birthday) and I still haven't announced the giveaway winner! I went out of town for the weekend and hadn't packed yet so I forgot to do this when I said I would.  No excuses. The winner is Jennifer Simpson. Jennifer, thanks for the birthday wishes -- email me your address and I'll send out your goodies.

I think I mentioned that I went out of town over the weekend. Well, I did. And it was awesome. I can't wait to show you what I purchased...but I'm going to be mean and make you wait. You see, I went to my favorite shop  and purchased several things. It's not the most I ever spent there, but it's a close second. I cannot wait to show you. There are a few little things I need to take care of first, like ripping the carpet out of our bedroom and painting the floor. Can you wait for that?

The Nester wrote a post today about living in the process. I am so glad she reminded me that living in the process means there is progress even if it's really slow. And every day, it's feeling more and more like home. Thanks Nester. I just know we'd be best buds if you lived closer.

Oh, and I'm trying to learn something new so I can show you something fun and maybe you'll want to do it too and then we can have a party. So pray that I can figure this out!

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