life is like an order of cheese curds

Wednesday nights my hubband teaches so I get to play. Usually this means dinner with my girlfriends (and our babies) and some quick shopping. This week Kohl's, last week World Market. We've also been known to frequent HoLo and Homegoods, too. We get around. This week we ate at Culver's -- and they have "cheese curds". Think bite size cheese sticks. Cheese balls. Bites? Anyway, they call them curds. It's weird, but it makes sense. We noticed, while gobbling completely obeying Emily Post's dinner party etiquette that the cheeses were different. Not bad different, but each bite is different. One bite mozzarella, one bite cheddar. It's fun. It's a little dinner time surprise. You never know what you're going to find.

And that's kind of how life goes, too, isn't it? Some months are really good and you sell a million dollars worth of stuff with everybody's buddy, Craig. Some months you have a roof leak that turns into major renovations and a toilet in the den and four kids with the flu. 

Sometimes your favorite store has one bajillion things you want to buy and you consider drastic measures (who needs grocery money next week?) and then other times there is absolutely nothing that interests you. Once I saw something that made me laugh out loud in the store. I'm not really sure why because it's not really funny, and I know that. My hubband just thinks it's weird. 

this is my weird two-feet-tall pear

But every single time I see it sitting in the kitchen, it makes me smile and remember that everyday there are things worth smiling about

I hope and pray that you find joy in the midst of life curds. 


  1. "Life is like an order of cheese squeaks when you bite into it."

    Hubby and I were discussing the childrens pleas for a vacation this summer. We can make it work, but that means that *I* am in charge of shaving down the budget and finding enough to make it possible. Which, on top of hospital bills from an ER trip and surgery that I'm gonna have to have, means NO PLAY MONEY. UGH. I hate that.

    But really, aren't groceries overrated anyway?


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