winner winner ... hey, that's me!

A great while back, sweet Danielle from Life on Dahlia Lane nominated Domestic Indecision for One Lovely Blog Award and Krista of The Gathering Place Design awarded me a Beautiful Blogger. 

I really appreciate these awards and these ladies. Their blogs are inspirational and often get my brain working to start new projects. Life on Dahlia Lane has lots of tasty recipes as well as a cute little puppy that I'm always staring at  some super cute projects that you are definitely going to want to check out.  The Gathering Place Design is chock full of projects for your home, as well as two precious little girls and my admitted drug of choice: bargain shopping. 

Now for the torch passing: There are so many blogs out there that I just can't get enough of ... but I'm going to select a couple that really get me going. I love to read Older and Wisor because we share a love for Potbelly cookies and pole dancing jokes dry wit. I'm also constantly amazed at their house transformations and her boldness to just rip stuff out and fix stuff up. Me =  totally and completely slightly jealous. I also want to nominate my friend over at The Hoot because I love her projects and her post about Angry Pants. She just had a baby so go and tell her you want to see more posts and more pics ... as soon as she unpacks her camera. I also love me some Lemonade Makin' Mama and her honest dealings with her lemons and her ridiculous infatuation with her hubband's upper arms. Seriously girl. We should all pray to be so in love with our spouses. She's also embarking on a whole new adventure that I can't wait to read about. And my final choice today is Bless This Nest. While we've never met,  I feel like I would be right at home on Shannon's couch, cooing at her baby and talking about life together. The cuteness just oooozes out of her blog and I love that her priorities seem to be just right. 

I always like to take some time to find some other fun new blogs -- so if you're little blog is newer, newish, or just wants to make new friend, show us who you are in the comments, and consider yourself awarded, doubly so. 


  1. How sweet!! Thank you so much! I love finding new blogs and yours is great! I'll have to check out the others that you mentioned. Thanks!!

  2. okay if you aren't just the most precious thing! And seriously, I needed this so badly today. It has been ONE OF THOSE days. (And ironically it had nothing to do with the cavity.)

    I think it had more to do with my taking my hoodlums to Walmart, Costco and the grocery store all in one day. Clearly they do not yet know what "shop til you drop" means!!

  3. WHAT? The comments above me are how did I miss this??

    You're so sweet. Even though you think I'm just joking about the pole stuff.

    Congrats on your first gig! After half way attempting other peoples rooms before, I have to say I'm too chicken. Really. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and quite frankly I don't know what to do with an actual budget. Money set aside specifically for decor? What's that?!


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