One slip, two slip, red slip, blue slip

Hi y'all. There's another post that's supposed to be up here, but it's not, so here's a link if you're interested. Otherwise, just read this one I guess. Or go wash your hair. Does anybody use that excuse anymore?

Do you Bemz? Have you heard of Bemz? They make all sorts of slipcovers for IKEA stuff. Nice huh? From couches to chairs to everything in between (that's just pillows, right?) you can find a huge selection at Bemz. They have pretty linens! Linen for your Extorp. Amazing.  This is not helping with my decision to go cheap and easy or fabulous ... but less frugal. It's also not helping that one of my favorite bloggers is now also preaching the goodness of all things IKEA. I'm wondering if you can guess where I'll be taking a trip to next week? Have I mentioned that their new catalog should be out any day now? I am not so patiently stalking my mailman. I think he's onto me.

Bemz new "country" line

OH! How have I not mentioned my super fun news? Tomorrow I'm meeting with a client for a design consultation. This isn't just some friend who's asking my opinion here. I'm talking a nice lady who is going to give me actual real money to go and fix up her house. Her bedroom, to be exact. Which is funny, because since starting to redo mine, I'm on my fourth curtain choice. But I'll get there....


  1. I am so excited for you! I've had friends ask for help decorating but never have I had someone pay me. Are you nervous at all? I'm sure you will do great!

  2. IKEA rocks!! I go there to be "inspired" then go home, rearrange and "sometimes" back to IKEA for reinforcement. "IKEA IDEA" I call it :-) franki


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