totally and completely MIA

Hi. In case you forgot, someone does from time to time write posts for this blog. That someone is me. And I've been absent. I've been dealing with some stuff lately. And not to bore you, or subject you to unwanted details into my personal life, or even submit you to unwarranted sad feelings, but I want to write about it. Just not today. I need it to be perfect. When I can finally express myself, I need it to be right. At least about this. Usually not about anything else, but this needs to be done right.

I have been working on some projects. One turned out ok and the other was terrible. And because we all like to know that people fail miserably, I will even post about that one for your enjoyment and self esteem. Because what raises our self esteem more than seeing others fail, too, right? I'm kidding.

So please please please return sometime soon to see me fail miserably and have one small success story, and read about something sorta personal. But probably not in all the same post. So come back more than once if you want to read all those things. Hope to see you soon.


  1. I'm sending my happy thoughts over to you this instant. Can you feel them? I'm concentrating really hard. Hang in there girl.

    (oh, and do you know what would make it all better? A trip to Plano.)

  2. I hope whatever is troubling you you find a way to find peace. You make me laugh, so I will be back to read about your success and your failure.. not that I find joy in anyone's failure. You helped me with your humor when I needed it most so hopefully humor will help you through your problem.

  3. Good luck sorting through your thoughts. You will know when it's right to write about it :)


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