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My hubband hates wreaths. He complains about them if they are big or small or even invisible. (He told me our winter wreath was going to put someone's eye out. It didn't.) He's a tried and true wreath hater. No matter, because we still always have a wreath on our door. Not to say you should disrespect your spouse or anything, it's just that I hate the glass in our door, and he understands that, so we have a deal. I'll keep hanging wreaths and he'll keep hating them until we get a new door. Sometimes the heavens smile and things work out  because you and your hubband are dumb.

Anyway. I love me a good wreath. In the fall I love those twiggy ones and when it's spring time, I love to see those big bushy springy ones that scream "Hello Spring!" because we all want to scream that after winter cold and rain. Right?

So I went ahead and did you a favor and found some fun wreath inspiration for you. You can either go right on out and purchase these or get an eye-full and head to your craftyplace and make one of your own. Right now I still have my Easter wreath on the door (it has brown and white speckledy eggs) but I think I want something screaming spring on the door. I'm thinking reindeer moss or maybe even boxwood? Both? You'll just have to wait and see. I'm still gathering inspiration.

I love green hydrangeas. And the bits that stick out of this one.  It just looks so fresh!

I adore how full this wreath is -- just look at those lemons! 

The fun and zesty color combo had me at hello.

Nothing says spring like greens and some fresh white.

These sweet pinks and green hydrangeas look so innocent. 

I 've "arranged" for spring to hang on your door. 
Ok my bad. That was not funny.

Yes folks, Target thinks this is a wreath. 
And while the temperature does rise, there will not be one of these on my door.
But one might appear on a friend's. Because seriously, it just might be worth it.

Are there any other places you look for door inspiration? Do you hang something crazy on your door for spring? Is your Christmas wreath still up? Don't lie. You don't have to be embarrassed. I mean, you should be, but you don't have to be. I'm not really judging you. I know where you can get a nice tinsel chili pepper...


  1. You are funny! My husband thinks that what I have on our front door is a bag of weeds that is going to put someones eye out. We have a small window in our front door and I can't stand people looking in it while waiting for us to answer the door. Anyway, I have a burlap shopping bag filled with green and white flowers,leaves, etc hanging from my door and I love it because it is easily visible from the street. I love it. If I knew how to post pictures I would show you because I get lots of compliments on it.

  2. PLEASE, do not put a pepper on my door!

  3. Boy, that chili pepper decor sure made me laugh hard! Yeah, there are times that the temperatures rises that makes you wanna bathe in ice to get that feel out. Also, among the wreath you've displayed, I like the fact that all of them scream spring season to the onlookers.


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