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I've seen some pretty ways to display dishes. And since last summer, I've become addicted to pretty dishes. Buying them, displaying them, giving them. Needing them. Well, not really needing them, but where's the fun in admitting that?

I have some on the wall in the living room. And some stacked on the counter. And some stacked in a bookshelf. And more stacked in the cabinets. I've been on the lookout for one of those fancy vintage file holders or book displays or something that I can do something with. Enter HoLo.

Last week at HoLo {Hobby Lobby} I saw this. I think she's a mail sorter. She's a little bland, a little boring. But she's got a little extra room. Just like I've got a little extra ... well, nevermind. We'll just leave it at a little extra. {Extra something special??} Metal stuff is on sale 50% off, so for three dollars, I bring her home, plop her on the counter and start shoving dishes in.

I tried one dish at a time, but that wasn't working. Or showing off enough of my dishes. Or filling up all that extra she's got. So then I shoved in two at a time. You know, like you do with those bite-size lemon bars. Or bacon. Or nuggets. Or plates. Back to the plates.

Before I knew it, she was looking lovely and full. {No lemon bars or bacon.}

She might need a little distressing, but she's looking mighty fine if you ask me. And so are my dishes.
Time for a lemon bar reward. Or two. Or two times two. Stop judging. I know you're just jealous.


  1. The mail sorter is such a great idea! Very creative :) And how about sending a lemon bar to California?

  2. I bought that mail sorter home once from HL and then I took it back because it was an awful mail sorter/file holder. This is a much better use of it! cute dishes!

  3. I like it as is. So there.

    And who eats that many lemon bars? Have some self control, girl. Store bought cookie dough squares...that's a whole different story.

  4. i love it! Where on earth did you find all those adorable plates? Wait, don't answer that, I haven't read your WHOLE blog yet, and I want to be surprised. Thanks for your lovely comment on my bath reno!

  5. Your dishes are GORGEOUS! I myself am addicted to dishes. Gosh, and bacon. Totally there with you...guilty... ;o) I'll keep my "extra whatever" for bacon. HA!

  6. I just found your blog through another blog and I love it. I am a mom of 3 nearly grown children and have been a stay at home mom for the last 15 years. I've been blessed and have also been given 3 wonderful grandkids. I know, I know, how can that be? I was a young bride. Still head over heels in love with my husband too after 27 years. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I have been going through a hard time, as my son is suffering from depression. It has me worried sick. I have been having a hard time smiling because my heart is heavy. I just wanted you to know that your entries made me smile, they made me chuckle out loud. I needed that. Here you are a complete stranger and you lifted my heart. Thank you dear stranger for being out here in blog land. God brought me to you and you helped me feel better. I will be a constant follower now. Thank you and keep up the light hearted entries!


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