who are you?

I can't tell you the number of posts I've started.
Or thought up, in my head.
Or even taken a picture or two.
And then never published.

I think it takes a while. To get set up, you know. Who you are {the writer} and who y'all are {the reader} and how you {both writer and reader} want things to be.  My first blog was all about our adoption. Which was a lengthy process. And the people who are reading that want to comment and be friends {if they aren't already your friends or family} and it's all about support and encouragement because adoption can be really hard. But I knew how to do that.

This is a whole different kind of community. Sure, the encouragement and support is there, but it's really different. I feel like it takes more to elicit a comment in this type of blog. You have to do something earth-shattering or surprising or heart-wrenching or all of the above. Not that I blog for your comments. Well, sometimes I do. Sometimes I need reassurance or suggestions or compliments that say I'm on the right track. And sometimes I want comments to know that I'm not alone, and that someone is reading this blog or looking at these pictures and experiencing my life with me. Sometimes I blog just to document what I'm doing.

But I ask, that if you are in fact reading this, that every once in a while, you leave a comment, a shout out, telling me you're there. Telling me who you are. Let's be friends. Let's support and encourage each other. Let me peek into your life as you peek into mine. Let's make a real difference in one another's lives.


  1. I'm reading.
    And guess what?
    I've painted Hobby Lobby gold letters black too. See - we are soul sisters ;)

  2. You are sing'n my song sister! I'm not sure why I blog. I enjoy reading blogs. I just feel like, why bother? no one is reading it! no one cares. And then I compare myself to ALL the talent out there that I can't live up to. And, then I get overwhelmed because I think I can keep up. I can read, I can write and I can do...I just can't do it all at the same time. So I go between reading, writing and doing!
    I enjoy reading your blog though...and I'm guilty of not letting you know that!

  3. Happy Friday! I have given you a Best Blog award! Please stop by my blog for intructions :)

  4. Hello there from way up north (Toronto).

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Ya know what irks me though? One of those amazingly talented and well known bloggers will do something, and someone else less popular may have already done it, but does that less popular blogger get a thousand comments, all gushy and practically tripping over themselves to be the first to say "wow, I love it"? (wow, that was a run on sentence if I've ever seen one).
    There is room in blog land for all of us. And if you ever see me getting hoity toity and too big for my britches, give me a smack, willya? LOL

    I'll be following you (not stalking)



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