GoodWill Hunting

I'm pretty sure that's not an original title. So sue me. It fits. 

Today I stopped in my local GW store. It's new. We were all so very excited when it moved in. And it's ok, but it's teenytiny. Like, nearly invisible. Big sign outside, little store inside. But it's ok. Size doesn't matter. In this case.

Ok, I lied. Size does matter. Well, for this lamp it does. We need some new lamps for the bedroom. And I don't really have a spare $80 to go pick some out. Lamps are sometimes really expensive, yo. And I need two. They don't have to match. That's why I just got one. For $7.99 plus a new shade. And some serious spray paint. But I like her little trophy-esque shape. Don't you?

Why, m'lady, how do you keep your pretty little figure? 
Well, I just keep winning things! 

I also found this jewel. It's a ball jar. Wired for lighting. With one ugly old canning label. And brass electrics. And tons of shells. But we can fix all that. $4.99 people. You can't even get the cord for that price!

And this pretty little platter. I came into some silver pieces lately. And while I dig them when they are pretty and shiny {and GW puts a higher price tag on it when it's clean} I am really liking the ones with a bit of patina to them. That's what I'm calling it. Patina. Not dirt. Won't it look beautiful on my dresser with some perfume? Well, once that's all done?


  1. well, hurry hurry, get fix'n. haha. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  2. I love the jar lamp! It's so fun (after you give it a little facelift) and versatile. Great finds!

  3. Did you paint the metallic lamp? It's gorgeous! I recently found two curvy beauties at the GW Boutique.


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