Christmas Decorations

So, I had big plans this year.

After Christmas each year I get all these ideas and make all these decisions and hopes for the following holidays. And last year was no exception. I wanted a fireplace. {How do I build a fireplace?} I wanted fancy table decor. {Do I need a fancy table for that?} Big plans.

Then there's the baby.

And my new desire to spend all my time with him giggling and watching him throw oatmeal on the floor. And the result of wanting to simplify everything because these moments will never come back and the laundry will always be there, as will the dishes, and the dust bunnies, and the dog hair tumbleweeds. I mean, have you seen this precious face?

Yeah. I knew you'd understand.

But I did decorate. I put up our giant tree, as well as two other three foot trees, a branchy tree, and one that I think was meant for our porch. The nativity is out. Two of them. And I have a new fireplace -- well, without the fire ... or a permanent place. But it's still exciting. And I decorated it. And I made yummy cookies. We had a birthday party for Jesus. And I feel simply celebrated.

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking I'll finish that wreath I started on, I'll find that garland I made last year, and next year will be even better. But then I look at that face again, and hear his cute cute cute little laugh ... and I figure, I've got twelve whole months to prepare!

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  1. Oh I love your tree and that tree with the snow flake ornaments is a really cute idea! LOL on your post! Your little one is precious and we all know it's much more fun spending time with them than decorating any day! :0)

  2. I absolutely love the stick tree with the snowflake ornaments! What an adorable idea. I'll add it to MY long list of things to do for next Christmas.

  3. Very pretty! The "king" and crown really caught my eye.

  4. Every year I have a list like that too. Slowly but surely I'll get to them. Love what you showed us - aboslutely beautiful trees!!! And l-ove your fireplace, where'd you find that? I must have one.

  5. Beautiful decorating! I love your mantle w/ all those candles! Sooo pretty!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. pk @ Room Remix
    Sounds like you have your priorities in the right place and STILL managed to do some great decorating. That stick tree is my favorite - love it!


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