Make Your List :: Check it Twice!

Halloween is the eight week mark to Christmas.

I'll wait. I know you need to catch your breath.

It's a super busy time of year. Let me tell you a story about my friend. She is married. She has a full time job, goes to school part time, has a four year old, is seven months pregnant, is in a wedding this weekend, is buying and building a house, and is all around spectacular and amazing in an every sort of way kind of gal. I love her. On top of all that, Christmas is coming. Right before she has a beautiful baby girl in January, and right after the amazing shower we are hosting for her in November. {More on that soon!}

Most of us lead lives like this. We hike from one end of town to the other, dropping off children, picking up dry cleaning, grocery shopping, soccer practicing, cooking, cleaning, hosting, driving, occasionally sleeping.

This first item in our Help for the Holidays series is really important:

Make a List

{then check it twice ... and twice again}

Start with your holiday shopping. Make a list of everyone you're going to buy for. Even if that list consists of yourself and your mom, make that list. Keep it handy, because I'm almost willing to bet money that you'll forget someone. You know, your brother's latest girlfriend ... or that lady that grampa takes to bingo every Thursday ... or that "female gift" you must take to the office party for White Elephant ... or your lovely and talented blogging friend who is helping you with your holidays.

I actually make more than one list. I do the shopping for my little nuclear family {from me and the hubs} as well as the grandparent shopping {everything to everyone from the matriarch and patriarch of my mother's family}. It's daunting to shop for the same people with different budgets multiple times from different people -- while trying to please everyone and keep my sanity. {But I love it.} So I use both sides of one piece of paper. {I also use bright paper so I can find it December 18 when it's crumpled and erased and hiding in the bottom of my bag.}

Then make you some columns. Mine are ideas, purchase info, and misc. When I have ideas for my little cousin (like a family fun pack) I write enough detail in the idea section, where to purchase in that section, and then any other misc info like if something needs personalized or to be picked up later, shipping confirmation, etc. Once it's wrapped, I cross it off. Don't black it out, just simply cross it off. Or draw boxes if that's your thing. Here, just let me show you.

Don't forget to put everybody on your list. People you work for, you work with, the guy who carries your ozarka bottle up those three flights of stairs every two days, your hair dresser, kids' bus driver, etc. You know, if you want to do a little something special for them. {Don't panic. We're not buying things for all those people. That's another post. Just add them to your list.}

Important things to remember about your list:
1. Do not stress about the number of people on your list.
2. Do not stress about forgetting someone. We'll take care of that.
3. Do not stress about your list looking super cute. It just needs to be functional.
4. Dear Rebecca, this one's for you.

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