bad bad leroy brown

Here is my before picture. I'm almost embarrassed to show you this. But I will. Because we're friends. And because you know I didn't pick it out this way, but rather purchased it this way, because that's the way it was. And also because you know there is an after coming -- and that it is good. Real good. And also, so I can link up to parties. Because who doesn't like a good party?

So brace yourself. Here it comes.
Bad bad bad before:

Wow. It's hard to believe I lived in that for as long as I did. Ick.

Ok, so I realize it's not terrible. But it's not really lovely or the sort of place you dream about coming home to either. {Surely you can admit that.}

If you want a sneak peek of the transformation, there is a teaser here, here, and here. Ok, so really those are all linked to the same post. It's just that I am really that excited about the after. It is finally finished today. I can hardly believe how giddy I am about the results. And how much I love my hubband for going along with my ideas even though he thought it was fine the way it was.

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