Well I did it ... and the Entry Way did, too.

I caved to peer pressure. Or barometric pressure. It was less than four thousand degrees today and in the spirit of things, I got out some fall decor and made a fall dinner. I know that I swore I wouldn't, but it's my prerogative and Madonna gave me the know-so way back in the day so you can just kiss my grits. They are in the pantry, all ready for the kissing.

In case you're wondering, we had a tasty Indian Chicken Stew tonight (heavy on garbonzo and ginger) along with some tasty pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins. De. Lightful. Even our guests thought so. And their three year old? He only wanted cupcakes. And then ice cream, which we didn't even have or suggest. Our son also really enjoyed a muffin during "naaaah", which is "snack" in toddler talk. Isn't he too cute?

Aside from all that pumpkiny goodness, I thought I'd also go ahead and let you inside for the House Tour. It's been awfully mean of me to make you wait patiently outside all this time, in the sweltering heat and such, but I am just like that sometimes. Go figure. Without much more ado, here's the entry way in our home, all gussied up in her "not-quite-really-fall-yet" look. You can even see that the summer wreath is still outside. I did put the fall one out. Just not before the pictures.

This is our entry way! We added the beadboard earlier this year during busy "crazy amount of projects before everyone we knew came to our house" week. Before that this space was especially hallway-esque. 

This is the "not quite really fall yet" look I was talking about. See that gold platter*? It's really heavy. And it was my starting point for the display. 

I had some different empty frames up there before but it never looked right. I even had these garage sale frames on my spraypaint list. Looks like today it paid off to be a procrastinator because I am loving the way it works with these other elements. It's like the not-really-ugly girl in those teen movies that gets the makeover and looks all hot. Except I didn't actually do anything to this frame. So instead maybe she looks better because she's not sitting in a pile with other things that need a lot of work. See there -- it makes sense to hang out with good looking people. You can all be my friend if you need good looking friends around you. I am super good looking and my friends are not so bad either. (I cannot wait for the comments I will get from them on this one.)

I added a dark little birdy (pictured above) and this Dollar Store birdy I purchased in the spring. He can do both seasons. He's flexible like that. 

This little table must hold things that are toddler-proof. And I know that. So when the candle is lit (and the little one in bed) it sits on the table, otherwise he's hiding behind the ledge on the shelf. And guess what little brown birdy was not toddler-proof? He's all glued up and back to his perch. On the right wall, we have some industrial hooks (but not super pretty, so no picture) and a closet door for the world's tiniest closet (I'm calling Guinness this week!) and a full length mirror that one toddler in particular cannot get enough of. Oh, and see that pillow in the reflection? My neighbor made that for me! Isn't that sweet? 

And one last picture of the platter because it's my favorite.

*My sweet grandmother, Mama-No, and I used to shop together all the time. One year we were out in the fall and discussing Christmas gifts for people and since I had a new house, she was telling me to be sure and tell her what I wanted. I agreed and figured I would start being on the look out. As we walked through the store we were currently in, she must have taken a mental note of every.single.thing I said was cute or neat or fun or interesting because that year for Christmas every present I opened up was spotted in that store on that one particular shopping trip. This platter has a matching vase so I can spread the love in more than one room. I love having it as one of the first things I see when coming in the door now. She might have to be up there for Christmas, too. 
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