a rug, a rug, and six more rugs

Our oversized PB sectional is now listed with good ol' Craig. I'm already getting offers. I guess that's the good thing about investing all your pennies with PB -- it holds decent resale value with Craig and his peeps. It has me thinking. 

1. Our bedroom floor is finally carpet free and painted. Which leads to the rug in the den moving to our bedroom. It's going to happen. It's going to happen. Which means ...
2. The den needs a new rug! Yay! 
3. Should I go with natural stuff like jute or sisal? I mean, it's cheap and easy to live with and works well with my inherent desires to change everything up all the time. 
4. OR ... should I get one of these amazingly fabulous rugs that will up the fun factor exponentially???

Um, this one is fabulous. I'm not sure that all that gray will work with all the deep brown. But I do LOVE the giant pop flowers. Love. 

This is like my favorite color. Ok, it's not like my favorite, it is my favorite. 
And I want to live in this rug. 

Hello subtle pattern in my favorite color. You are amazing. 
And a little bit dizzying. No?

I can't decide if I like the stripe or the diamond more. 
Can I have both? 
Ok, you're right. 

This would work with the deep browns and white, 
but all of a sudden I don't like it anymore. 

Um, LOVING this yellow right now. 
A whole whole bunch. 
And wouldn't it look fun with deep brown? That combo is not done enough. 

Ah, green again. 

If I go with a non-natural fibered rug, then it looks like it will be a little bit more modern. I'm kind of excited about that. 

What about you? Any favorites you see or a new rug you just have to own? Do you prefer natural rugs or outdoor stuff? Are you way into traditional Oriental rugs or modern stuff? And will my toddler ruin natural stuff? I heard it's more stain resistant because the liquid just pools on it ... is this true? 

{All rugs are from Layla Grace, with the exception of the last two, from Anthropologie}

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  1. I like the LOOK of sisal/jute but it is NOT great inside if it gets a lot of use--it is scratchy for one, and 2, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get stains off of, like worse than berber carpet (the carpet of the devil) It just cannoe really be scrubbed and if you do, it makes weird fuzzy/pilled up areas and leaves some spots. Which will make you very sad. I like the first rug and the green with cream flowers and the orange very very much. Get them all! doesn't money grow on trees???


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