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So, there was an issue with the photography to go with the last post about jewelry. My bad. I'll get that in order, by this weekend perhaps, and we can move on. 

I find myself really inspired to write posts -- when I am no where near my computer. 
That's life. 
Of course.

So, I'm going to start trying to at least write down my ideas so that when I am ready to sit down and write my posts, I can remember what on earth it was I was going to write about. Here goes. If anyone out there is actually reading this (Hi Misty), please post a comment with some other ideas. I know I have a good housey blog in me, I just don't want to feel like I am copying everyone else. So there. I'm admitting I am already afraid of being a fraud. Wow, that's a serious statement. 

Here are some of my future posts:
1. Chili
2. House Odors
3. Buying furniture
4. Filling space
5. Living in the Now 
6. What other people think
7. Cupcakes
8. More cupcakes
9. Deep freezing and the mistakes I've made
10. Pantry organizing
11. How to build a kitchen
12. FSS -- Flat Surface Syndrome
13. Mirrors
14. Faking It (take that as you may)
15. Baskets
16. Culture collectables
17. Pillows, pillows, and oh yeah, pillows
18. Closet clean out
19. Before and Afters
20. The difference a day makes
21. Making a Bed
22. Housey book/folder
23. Quick Changes that make a big difference
(those last few are waiting for suggestions...)

I'm starting tomorrow. Brace yourself. 


  1. How about a post on hosting etiquette and how to deal with those "special" guest who sometimes complicate things or make them more difficult or...finding the right paint color/painting a room(I know you're an expert)...and I would really,really like to see a post about business meetings :)

    Oh and decorating the perfect Christmas tree

  2. perfect present wrapping with proper ribbon

  3. to make an ugly closet beautiful.


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