Enjoying the Pretty Stuff

You know you love it.
We all love it.
Well, one form of it or another.

Perhaps it's that beloved heirloom brooch that belonged to your great grandmother, or that fancy necklace your bffff gave you for Christmas last year, or maybe it's just that hot new trendy piece you found at Target accidently marked clearance (score!). But whatever it may be, we all love our jewelry. 

Love it as we may, it is often a difficult thing to store. Which is sad. Pretty things should not be difficult. (But such is the way of the world. Sadly.) And even worse, why are we putting away such pretty pretty things?! 

Next post: fun things to do with your sparkly jewels that get them out of that jewelry box. Which, by the way, according to my husband, is one of the first things looked for in a break-in. And if all your good stuff is right together in a giant jewelry box, you can kiss those goodies goodbye. Stay tuned -- next post is coming this weekend! 

Happy Laboring! 


  1. Sounds exciting. I can't wait to find out more.

  2. I have a few piece of heirloom jewelry. A brooch and some earrings.

    I like to wear my brooch on my coat collar.


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