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It's already week two of the Home Tour and I've already failed you! I cheated and left town last week and didn't do any posting or any photo taking of my house before I left. I didn't even take pictures of the fun house I visited either so that's a complete blogfail. I promise I'll do better this time. We'll finish up the rest of the exterior stuff this week and next week will {hopefully!} go as planned. 

Today I wanted to talk about some things I'd still love to do at my house to fix up the curb appeal and give some suggestions for stuff you might want to do as well to freshen up the outside.

I have grand plans in mind for the landscaping. I want to encircle the front tree with a bed and maybe more fern, as well as add a little bed in the corner area where the sidewalk meets the driveway. I'd love to have stone line the flower beds to keep everything from shifting and something large and focal pointy at either end of the bed along the sidewalk. Maybe tall topiaries? Maybe oblesque statues? And the walls on either side of the kitchen window seem so empty, so maybe some hanging plants or climbing plants? {Do you have any ideas for that?}

There are a handful of things you can do today to brighten up your curb appeal, but we're going to focus on the easiest three. I mean, you don't have all day, right?

1. Clean up your act. Sweep off the sidewalk or blow the driveway. It's surprising what a little yard work will do for your house.

2. Focus on your entry. It is so important to have a clear path to the door! Make sure you and your guests have easy access to the entry point from where they've parked. If you have stepping stones or some type of pieced walkway, make sure each piece is sitting tight and won't wobble or move.  At night, your walkway should be lit well enough to see from the driveway or walkway all the way to the door. On top of all that, make sure visitors can find your house. House numbers should be clearly visible from the street somewhere on your house, as well as perhaps on your mailbox or painted on the curb.

3. Add some interest. Painting your front door a striking new color adds to the wow factor. Consider a wreath or sign to accessorize your door and add warmth. It's a good idea to replace your welcome mat if yours isn't so welcoming. Also, try a bigger size or a different shape. Even though we only have a single door, we used a double mat and it substantially changed the feeling of our tiny porch.

Of course, if your entry or porch area is large enough to accommodate an urn with some seasonal plantings or a bench or swing, spend a few minutes creating a lovely place that you'd want to spend time in. Maybe a new cushion, pillow or pot {they'll all be on clearance soon!} will make a big difference for only a few dollars.  What about you? What are some quick or easy changes you've made that have upped the appeal at your place?


  1. I love your front door --- did you paint the numbers free hand, or did you use a stencil or vinyl


    ltronning (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Can you believe I have lived here 8 years and I JUST recently realized that I have no house numbers?? How did that happen? I guess cause I know my own address...

    I love the numbers painted on the door - I've never seen that, that is so cute. Might steal that :)


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