Everybody's Doin' a Brand New Dance Now

In your face desire-to-buy-all-new-stuff!

I want to move things around all the time. And sometimes things just work. Sometimes they don't. {Sometimes they really don't!} This chair is older than I am and is from the bank my grandfather worked at. Mine is the third home it's lived in. This pillow was purchased in 2006 during my first realization that a few fun new pillows would change my house. Boy, did they.

Oh, and those brances that are fabulous and turquoise and fabulous? They were purchased for a baby shower. Except that they were FREE.

Make a new combination today. Try something different. And sing this great 90s song while you do it. : )

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  1. I really like the combo of the turquoise branches with the brown wall and chair. It is a nice pop of color and I like pops of color. I also enjoy the mixing of things old and new. Makes everything more unique.


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