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Well, I'm officially entitling this week "Busy Week" since I'm having a big party here on Saturday and have decided to do about two hundred projects before people get here. Sounds fun, right?

I also saw that there is a party over at Our Suburban Cottage. Isn't that fun? I like the part about how the featured project is the thing that "has been nagging at us like a pesky neighbor…or a two year old…or a mother-in-law (take your pick)."  


So here I am showing you some sneak peeks into Project One for Busy Week.

So do you like all those teeny tiny fingerprints on the mirror? Those are from my adorable son. The mirror was recently at floor and tiny finger level. Then I put it on a vacant nail and didn't even bother to clean it. Further proof that my grandmother doesn't read my blog and that I don't have a maid. 

Oh, and there has already been one casualty. Don't worry, I tell you what to do to prevent that in my reveal post. I'm watchin' out for you. And your goodies. 

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  1. I love the wall with all the crosses on it! I'm planning on doing something very similar with some large antique keys. Good luck getting ready for the party!


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