Easy Fall Centerpiece

If you stick around long enough, you'll notice something. 

We don't do red.

We like red. In fact, when we were engaged and beginning to pick things out for our happily ever after, we could agree on red. We did not agree on forest green. Or army green. Or "what about this green that isn't forest or army" that really was forest and army. Nope. But we could work with red. So that was our goal. Then we began to visit our friend's homes. Red. Red. And yep, you guessed it, more red. We even knew friends who were all painting some room in their house the exact same red. So that was it. No more red. 

When we did move in to our new happily ever after home once we were happily hitched, we went with oranges and lime greens and some brown to keep it grounded. Ok, lots of brown. Even at Christmas I had this "no red" rule. (That definitely helps keep your decoration spending in check -- there's not a lot you can buy that doesn't have any red!) Now our house is slowly changing to a lot of white (yay!) with greens and browns and blacks and some fun aqua and turquoise. {I can't help it. I like a little zing.} But the "no red" rule has stuck. So what's a girl to do when fall and Christmas approach? When every little thing has red? 

Stick with neutrals. 

They are guaranteed. And, in three more years when maybe I love yellow and only yellow, they'll still work. Talk about a good investment. 

Step 1: Pick out some good stuff on sale 50% off at your favorite HoLo (that's DI speak for Hobby Lobby) 

classy white pumpkins
all fancied up for the ball

these bird feather balls are my new favorite things
just pull them right off their sticks. you can always shove them back on if you need to.

this fern is very realistic looking -- 
and a little bit furry too

more classy neutrals
these are berrylicious
just rip off those ugly little leaves

Step 2: Find something to put those goodies in (I opted for this white plate from Marshalls-Home Goods) and start piling them in.

Step 3: Decide you don't like how it's going. Get out that fun basket-planter-thingy you got for 90% off at HoLo. Start re-stuffing. 

Oh, that's better. 
But look, I still have some goodies left. 
Hmmmm...what to do. 

I've got a super long table. Great for dinner for eight. Not so great for tablescaping. Round or square tables can really benefit from one thing in the middle. A bowl of fruit, some fresh flowers, whatever. Long tables need something tall or something long to file down the middle. This arrangement isn't tall (8 inches is not tall) so we'll go with long. 

Step 4: Pull out some dinner plates you don't use and toss pretty stuff on top.

Step 5: Put fun Fall Centerpiece(s) on your table. You're done! If you have a small 4-top round or square table, take those other plates and throw them around your house. Well, don't really throw them unless you're into sweeping up broken plates. But stick one on your bedside table, the guest bathroom, the coffee table. Wherever you need a little dose of fall. 

Then, if you want, you can invite people over to oooh and ahhhhh about how pretty they are. They will. Then they will beg you to leave them there for more than one week because they like them. Trust me. Everyone will be amazed at your secret centerpiece powers. 


  1. Very cute...I love them. They are even better in person and you should keep them on your table for longer than a week...maybe it will keep Justin from junking up the table...maybe.

  2. Your centerpieces are great! I do wish that there were a Hobby Lobby in CA after looking at their website though. Thanks so much for the inspiration and I'm really glad that you found some in my blog as well. :)

  3. You're right you know....I would be ooh-ing and aah-ing. Even though there isn't any RED ;)

    (I totally get it - I can't do blue. Hated it as a child, still hate it now. No matter how popular it is.)

  4. Love all of these... so cute! I don't do red either:)

  5. How fun! I love tinkering around a bit with things, too. Love your "fall look."

    Erm... We don't "do" red, either, btw.

  6. Love the neutrals, but I love red too! ;) I guess moderation is in order.

  7. I love those feather balls! Your centerpieces look great. Also love your blog name--I suffer from the same thing!!!

  8. Very pretty! The platter is my favorite. I have to say, as evidenced by my blog name, I definitely do red...but not in every house!


  9. Love the centerpieces, wish that a hobby lobby was closer than one hour away.

  10. I am so excited to see so many of you who "don't do red" either! I hope you come back by as the holidays progress so we can share how we celebrate sans red. What fun!

  11. looks great! We don't really do red either. We have a little upstairs and in one painting downstairs. I just recently starting doing red at Christmas, but with a apply green. I will be using white pumpkins too. Okay, I am off to look at more of your blog!

  12. seriously beautiful. i'm in awe. I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my 'featured' button.

  13. I love the neutral fall decorations. I'm not that into the oranges and red as well,so I this idea. It looks festive, but still blends with the decor. I'm signing up to follow your blog and I hope you'll do the same!

  14. These look fun and easy! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I sure do love red, but you might have changed my mind! I wonder if JLo shops at HoLo? he he

  16. Love the feather balls! I never shop at "HoLo", but you have inspired me!

  17. Hope you still have these up this week! If not, I'm confiscating your white pumpkins to use at my house!

  18. @cheapchichome. So pretty. Lol! I have read all over--for the first time.

  19. What creative ideas! I'm always looking for new ways to display. Never even thought of my white dinner plates! Cool...

    You most certainly have a way with arrangements. That nest one is adorable!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    FJ Donna

  20. Thank you, I like simple and easy.

  21. ooooh, very nice! I like the natural, neutral look too.

  22. Cool arrangements. Love your blog. And your humor. And that you nicknamed Hobby Lobby (which is called Hobby Blobby on my blog).

  23. Lovely... there is always something so beautiful about simplicity.


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